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medidtating for peace

Sep 08, 1996 09:13 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear e-mail friends,

I imagine that we're all meditating or praying for peace in the Middle East,
at this point. There was a biography of Sadam Hussein on TV this afternoon.
IMO some of the details might give focus to our thought endeavors. Sadam was
brutalized already before he was born, and all during childhood. His father
& older brother died before he was born, & his mother didn't want him. Tried
to kill him in utero. Blamed the deaths on him. Lateron, instead of going to
school, his uncle, who treated him no better, made him steal chickens. He
killed his first person when he was 10.

The first thing this story aroused in me was compassion, and a motherly
"poor baby" (don't laugh. I know he's a killer) and it occurred to me that
this may not be a bad thing to send even to the butcher of Bagdad. He's
never known love from anyone. He must be a very tortured human being.
Probably has lots of night mares. He must live in great fear. The minute he
suspects that someone is against him, he kills them off, no questions asked
before or after. It also occurred to me to send healing vibes, even though
I'm not sure that healing would have an effect on a congenital psychopath,
which is what he is, since its causes go back already to before he was born.
I always send harmony and peace, but everyone has their own way of doing
things like that.

I was thinking that maybe if I told you about these things, our meditations
would be more effective.

I need to say something else ... a repeat of a previous message. There are
hundreds of thousands of potential little Sadams being brutalized right now
in Pakistan and other Asian countries as slave labor & prostitutes. In
Africa & South America kids are starving & living in the gutters. I think we
shouldn't be too surprised if some of them grow up to be trouble makers. It
takes just one who's devilishly bright, & has charisma. As Clinton & Dole
say "our children are our future" I've done my share with a handful of them.
I'd like to urge some fo you to help some of those kids as well. It's worth
it. (if only for self-preservation. I'm being my cynical self.)


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