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Angels & Communication

Sep 08, 1996 09:35 PM
by JRC

Greetings y'all!
     Have been hovering in the background lately - busy as a hive
of bees and with no spare energy to contribute - but after having
read the "Communication" conversation I remembered a piece of a
letter to a friend ... we were discussing active work with the
angelic kingdom, and the excerpt below is maybe a different
viewpoint on the topic of what "conversation" and "understanding"
are. It is probably a somewhat oblique point of view (but the
angelic is an oblique sort of kingdom (-:), and I by no means
think its the "truth", but a hope a few people will find it
interesting.                                                -JRC


.. let me say a short little bit
about the "diagnosticians" I mentioned. They are relatively small
angelic currents that appear to be somewhat new and experimental
branches of a much larger current - and they have been intent
upon learning to understand the human energy-system to a greater
degree of specificity than has been present in the past. In fact,
I once saw them re-joining the larger current after they did a
piece of work for me, and I believe they were "reporting their
results" ... which in angelic terms means merging the awareness
they had gathered with that of the larger current. "Knowledge" is
not conveyed in small bundles of crystallized concepts (words) as
it is in the human realm, rather, well hang on a sec, this is
important so maybe I'll take a paragraph and introduce it here:
     To a human, any understanding exists as kind of a mini-
bundle of awareness of a particular intensity, vibrational
frequency, complexity & etc. When the understanding comes through
the agency of the physical senses, it is processed and enters the
human energy system where, if it goes into long-term memory, it
exists in a dormant form (like a violin string with the
*potential* to vibrate at a particular frequency) - and when it
is brought back to the surface, the string is "plucked" and
begins active resonance ... i.e., the person "remembers" it and
has it available at the surface (conscious) layers. Other
understandings - awareness-bundles - that enter the energy-system
from within ... e.g., intuitions from the spiritual layers of
being, perceptions of activity in the angelic realm & etc., may
exist in the energy-system without ever being fully brought into
surface consciousness, but nonetheless exist. In fact much of
what is called "meditation" or "contemplation" is, in essence,
the attempt to induce a set of conditions at the surface layers
that  provide an invitation to those deeper bundles to enter into
active vibration, echo into the surface layers, and hence express
themselves in the crystallized forms of surface consciousness. It
might be said that meditation is an attempt to *remember what one
has never known*.
     When two people have a conversation, the words they use as
information transmission vehicles are containers of sorts: One
person has an active awareness-bundle within their energy system,
which, as it resonates and moves towards the surface, collects
the appropriate concepts and finally words from the subconscious,
resulting in the bundle being embedded in a form capable of being
spoken. When the other hears it, the words enter their energy-
field through the ear, and their processing system begins
unpacking the containers, causing (if they understand what is
being said) a vibrational tone to be struck in their system that
is very similar to the originating impulse within the speaker.
     The relevant point here is that the angelic process is very
different, and understanding that difference with a bit of
precision is one of the keys to human/angelic interaction.
Angelic currents have no "dormant" state in which information
exists as potential: They are *continually* in motion, and
**their motion *is* their knowledge**. When two angelic currents
have a "conversation", the "idea" that one wishes to convey to
the other is an already active vibration within the one existing
as a kind of sub-current within itself; it then directs that
particular sub-current into the other, which sets up an identical
vibration within the receiver's currents; when the original sub-
current is then withdrawn back into the "speaker", the "hearer"
is left with a new vibrational frequency within itself ... i.e.,
has the particular understanding that was in the speaker
*replicated* as an understanding that is then a permanent part of
     The "diagnosticians" are a sort of specialized angelic
"ears", whose purpose has been to learn how to "hear" the human
system in all its complexity and depth [they've always been more
than happy to work for me 'cause, as is the common method of
meeting in the inner worlds, we both further one another's
purposes, and because I will do them favors when they ask.
     They will hover around a
particular person (or group energy-system if its a community or
some slice of a nation I'm in service to) for awhile and take
samplings of the general state of the system (which means they
reproduce, within themselves, the various levels of the system
they are looking at), and after they have a good sample, they
(and this is their particular specialty) are able to produce a
sort of averaged or typical picture of the system. Their true art
lies in the fact that for the most part they have solved the
"quantum paradox" that Heisenberg first noticed in the study of
subatomic particles : most angelic currents, were they to
concentrate themselves into dense enough form to actually become
aware of the  full human energy-system, would also cause the
system itself to react dramatically to them ... hence causing the
observed to be very much affected by the act of observation and
rendering the resulting picture distorted. These particular
angels have a light touch, and it is getting lighter all the time
with experience. When they return to convey, to me, the results,
I enter in a partial angelic configuration, merge with the
current within *them* that they reproduced from the system being
observed, which sets up a sub-current within my own system,
which, as I re-configure into form, also reconfigures into form,
which means I have a bundle of awareness within myself that is,
in essence, an averaged sample of the general state of the
energy-system that was observed. I've created a sort of room
inside my system where these bundles are contained. When I'm
ready to do the processing, one of two things can be done with
this bundle: It can either be processed through the interfaces
that turn inner awareness into conscious level pictures (very
much like remembering a person from my past), or I can enter the
bundle with my point of identification (and the Point of
Identification is something that will take an entire essay ... as
it's control and use is one of the cores of day to day work in
the inner worlds) and, (hope this makes sense) sort of look out
at the world *through* the energy-system of the person/system
that was observed. The first delivers an awareness similar to
what results from a visit to the person and several
conversations. The second delivers an awareness similar to having
actually incarnated, for a fraction of a moment, *within* the
person's energy-system.

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