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More Creative Loving - Libra

Sep 05, 1996 06:27 PM
by Keith Price

>Thus the ego, must give up it place as little god of the physical needs , and
>become the goddess/lover of the higher divinity in the spiritual world.


>The Voice of the Silence is thus not only a spiritual sound that enters the
>spiritual ear, but a spiritual spear that enters the spiritual inner grail

Since we are existing in a world of duality, there is a constant coming together
of the opposites, the friction from that and the eventual joining.  But one has
to think about this on a cosmic and symbolic level to understand that it its
happening all the time, everywhere, not just in our little personal lives.  As
above, so below is a profound statement.  Moving beyond that, without the
duality there is no way to see the other side of things, no creation, no avenue
for knowledge.

-Ann E. Bermingham

Keith: It has been said that humanity is a being with a God size hole. It may be
that the sexual imagery could be replaced with a more platonic kind of "love" or
bakti type devotion after the transfer of the initial "divine seed" in the more
intense act of union - enlightenment bliss.   Yet I think that what separates
the gnostic, theosophical and occult traditions is the desire to do it, know it,
experience it for oneself and not just accept it on faith.  HPB we assume heard
the Voice of the Silence and was in relationship with the Masters.  This linking
will have to be more common or we will again have to accept the word of an

So many have seen the rise of the femine principle as representing a new vision
of God.  I would speculate that this could be evidenced by:

1. the assumption of the Virgin Mary in the 50" accoding to the Roman Church and
pointed to so often by Jung
2. feminism as reestablishing the value of the woman as equal to men in society
3.  the move to more woman managers, and in the army and police as evidence of
the blending of feminie energies with aggression and control due to the rise of
4.  the feminine principle becoming more acceptable in men as nuturing and
caring, creative etc.
5.  the fight for public acceptance of the eternal and omnipresent homosexual
archetype (and it repression)

I would like to speculate that the government welfare state has become some kind
of giant Mother/Goddess.   Social security, medicare, welfare and all of it has
provided a giant breast to nurse an entire generation into dependency.  What
will happen when they have to eat the solid food of reality?  There may be even
a larger global desire for an Earth Mother with a halo of electical stars in her
hair called  the noosphere or maybe more properly the technosphere which we see
the beginning of in the internet.  We stand like the Atlantians, with the tools
to enslave humanity or liberate it.    Maybe the internet is providing the new
Aquarian egalitarianism of "everybody has a home page" , a be your own little
star kind of privilege but, the Leo underside still wants dramatic personal
expression which is often seen in the horrors of terrorism for the most diabolic
of personal power statements - the power to negate

What was once almost unthinkable (at least it seemed in the 50's, is now
commonplace)  The human archetypes do not go gently into that good night.
Perhaps "kill" is not too strong a word for these shadowy parts of our selves.
Yet fate has just such ways.  The dark goddes Moira (mindless destructive primal
fate) cannot really be killed.

I guess what must be killed is certain attitude.  An attitude of skepticism,
cycnism, cowardice, complacency, childishness and desire for social
acceptability (these are the things I personally am fighting, others may have
other obstruction to kill out before the Virtues can manifest unselfishly .  I
find that fate is pushing me into places I'd rather not go, but on some level
have planned for myself to learn karmic lessons ( so unlike the logical fair
lessons of say, arithmetic).  I guess the hand of fate moves to push us into new
relationship with the Divine.  I am not sure that the ego can do it all,  I am
not so sure that the ego can kill itself just because it thinks it should one
fine day.   I am not so sure that the ego can do all this without the
participation of Divine, which entails something like submission unto death.  It
isn't a cookbook kind of thing, but like love and death, deeply, painfully,
blissfully mysterious, dangerous and the results very uncertain.

Keith Price

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