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Creative Loving - Surrender of WIll/Ego

Sep 03, 1996 06:27 PM
by Keith Price

> The spiritual way is not, definitely *not* (IMHE) any kind
>of *war* and language like "surrender" belongs to warfare, as does
>"kill" and "strangle" and all those dreadful expressions which the 19th
>century patriarchal cultures dumped on us.

It's interesting that I never thought of using the word "surrender" that way -
as one would wave a white flag and be led off in chains.  I thought of it more
like standing under a waterfall of light and being swept away in the spiritual

-Ann E. Bermingham


I hate to revert to type so quickly and go where angels fear to tread, but what
the heck?  It would seem that surrender is an archetypal posture of carrying,
containing supporting, offering up the  grail.  Kill is an archetypal posture of
invading, cutting, dismemebering, raping, raviging, the spear piercing the

After Freud and after feminisim, these areas have been trodden and pretty well
blooded so that no one can say much without being accused of SEXISM.  However,
surrender to the infilling by a higer spiritual power would seem a more easy
stance if one takes the feminine approach (notice I DIDN'T say, if I were a
woman).  Thus being a vehicle, a grail from the higher enery-light-sound is what
the buddhi becomes for the ATMA.  The normal aggresive positive selfhish ego,
surrenders and bows low before the majesty and awsome divinity of the HIGHER
SELF - the Voice of the Silence, the nonsexual Divinity within (neither male or

I have often wondered if bowwing  was a symbolic posture like animals take to
the top dog, i. e. adopting a placating femine sexual posture to the LION KING.
Thus the ego becomes bride to the divine BRIDEGROOM in an alchemical marriage
where the divine androgynous magical child is born the CHRISTOS or asexual,
trans-sexual (in the sense of beyond physical sexuality) to a divine linking
that is similar to sex but occurs not through the body and genitals, but through
the yoga or linking of shiva and shakti, budhi and atma -- and gives birth to
the divine child of kundalini where consciousness is filled with divine fire or
bliss much as in physical orgasm, but of course much more exalted and long-
lasting.   I think this is why many Eastern gurus look like happy babies, they
are supppsedly (a maybe are) in somekind of orgy with the divine lover within.

Thus the ego, must give up it place as little god of the physical needs , and
become the goddess/lover of the higher divinity in the spiritual world.  The
Voice of the Silence is thus not only a spiritual sound that enters the
spiritual ear, but a spiritual spear that enters the spiritual inner grail
(notice, how I just got  by without saying, you know what!)

Keith Price

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