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Blessings of Theosophy

Sep 03, 1996 07:13 AM
by wichm

Dear Liesel,
You wrote:
>If you have read a lot of Theosophical books, the message you got from them
>sure isn't the same as I got.

Well, I'm sure you read more in the traditional literature. I am sorry if I=
do not sound sound in the faith.=20
The message I got has developed =EFn my life from massage to: "I'll keep it=
mind to see whether it ties in with other facts".=20
As I stated before in this group I thank Theosophy, and all who brought it,=
to form a basis for my outlook on life.

BEE wrote:
>Did you actually know GdeP? I have read most of his stuff and intend to=
>it all again as I can understand what he says and I have gained a lot of
>understanding from him. What was he like?=20

I wish I had! We looked up to him in pre-war days when I was a boy. I=20
remember him coming to Amsterdam was an event of a high order. So my only=20
contact was limited to a handshake. After the war I dreamt of studying for a=
Professorate in Theosophy, but for financial reasons I had no chance. I do=
not regret it, though, I had other opportunities presented to me.
Funny actually, that no one to my knowledge has written about what happened=
in the background  in Point Loma/Pasadena.

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