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Re: Peter in Rome(part 1)

Aug 31, 1996 02:44 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
>Suposing that Linus received the bishopric of Rome in 69AD, HPB
>concludes that he could not receive this bishopric from Peter, because
>Eusebius and Irineaus mentions that this moment occurred around 64-68AD
>during the Nero`s persecution under the fire of Rome at 67AD.
>But here there is no contradiction. It`s perfectly possible that this
>difference of only two years, can be explained by some error in dates given
>by Eusebius or Iraenaeus.

It is also perfectly possible that there is no such error, and a
contradiction does exist.  If there is any truth to the "episcopate" of
Linus, he would most likely have taken over as Apostle/Shaliach from
Paul, *who stayed with Linus in Rome for some years* according to the
accounts attributed to Paul himself.  The dates would then fit quite
reasonably, as we do not know for certain either when Paul died, or
where Paul died.  There remains a tradition that he fulfilled his desire
to go on to Spain, but no evidence for it.  The claims for Paul's and
Peter's martyrdom in Rome are late.

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