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Aug 30, 1996 05:36 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Liesel wrote:
>"I think no one is ever initiated who has not also
>acquired a certain amount of ethical beliefs and behavior "
>Beware of the one who strives for unselfishness?

Liesel says
Gurdieff's statement, I think, is not at all a contradiction of what I said.
A person who *strives* for unselfishness usually arrives at a sham version
of it, and I would beware of them. Unselfisheness, I think, is not something
you can strive for; it somehow just happens ... just as humility can be a
real put up job. You're acting as if you were humble but it's not genuine. I
think that's what Gurdieff warns against. It's gotta be real, not put on.

>>Paul wrote:
>>In less than one percent of the readings, discarnate or angelic
>>spirits spoke through Cayce in mediumistic fashion.  But by and
>>large the readings discourage Spiritualism, especially
>>automatic writing and ouija board use-- warning that possession
>>is a real danger.

Liesel says, that Cayce quote fits in with the rest of the message. I've
been told that automatic writing and ouija board is playing around and not a
very valuable psychic endeavor. Theosophists think that just as well as does
Cayce. We also agree that such actions, which are not under the control of
the person to whom they appear can more easily lead to possession. The
genuine spiritual development I had in mind, which includes ESP of a much
higher order, is a faculty guided by the person who's using it. Such a one
doesn't get possessed, because they know exactly how to act if some entity
tries to possess him/her. So again there's no contradictiion that I can see.

>Funny, that always one set of spirits should speak out against the others!
>For proud possessors of a sound-card, listen to sound-clips of discarnate
>spirit-voices at These voices are
>claimed to have manifested themselves in space.

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