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prer HPB Theosophy

Aug 30, 1996 04:55 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Michael,

You've been saying

<Once the clamorous aspects of Masters,
secret doctrines and all that are removed, little is left for those who
hanker after a belief.>

'Scuse me, but with a statement like that, I'm wondering what kind of
theosophy you've been studying, if any. That's something I just can't agree
with, most emphatically. The Theosophy I know is based on a number of tenets
and beliefs, which stem from the Masters and HPB, to be sure, but which form
a vibrant way of life in the minds & hearts of Theosophists, who've examined
what's been written and have adapted whatever suited them. Their origin from
our founders has very little to do with what they mean to a present day
Theosophist. Theosophy is not a cult with the Masters & HPB at the head,
it's a way of life lived by present day Theosophists. And, ideally, it's
lived by the individual as he/she sees fit, & understands it, not as either
the masters or HPB said it should be lived. They themselves told us to use
our own common sense & to not heroworship them.


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