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italian e-mail

Aug 29, 1996 09:00 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear theos-l list members,

I've been trying to decode C. Carli letter. I can understand some of it.
(Elizabeth at the Olcott library, is also trying to decode it with the help
of a dictionary, but she says she hasn't gotten very far with it yet.) I
have a friend in my house who's Italian, & I showed her the letter.
Unfortunately she has Altzheimer's. So she could read & understand perfectly
what the letter said, but she couldn't translate it into English very well.
Besides it talks about mailing lists and web sites & she's not got the
faintest idea of what that is, & useless to try to explain.

Anyway, C. Carli apparently wants to sell us, at no charge, some esoteric
information, which is probably on his/her web page. But I can't access the
web page. I tried. Apparently the web page or e-mail is the product of
Esonet, which is a group of

students of the esoteric, I think. The group is divulging (I think) relative
to the body of commentaries transmitted by the Masters, the White
Brotherhood, HPB,H e N ?, Roerich, Bailey, & a couple of others I don't know.

With the help of my friend, I wrote back

Ciao, C. Carli

Nulla persona di theos-l conosca la lingua italiana, alora non posso
retornare una resposta. Mi dispiacci. Conosco francese, y tedeschi.



I think Ciao means goodbye, but I used is as hello. Then I said that nobody
on theos-l knows Italian, so we can't answer him/er. I'm sorry. I know
French & German.

To your health (Mary told me to write that, we use "salute' to drink wine
with ... which I haven't done for 15 years, but then, Mary does know
Italian. She jabbers it at me sometimes & I sometimes jabber back, because
it's a lot like French.)

Maybe they'll send us back an answer in French. Then I can tell you what it
says, & I think several others on this mailing list can as well.


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