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astral vs etheric

Aug 29, 1996 09:25 AM
by Uri Macnev


* Forwarded by Uri Macnev
* From : Kay Ziatz
For: Jerry Schueler
Subj: astral vs etheric


>I found something you disagree with -- the definition in the glossary of

J> I just checked this, and you are correct.  She uses the formula
J> etheric=astral, which is kinda weird.  I wonder where she got
J> that from?  She implies that it comes from the SD, but it is
J> likely just her interpretation, because I have never got
J> such an idea from the SD.  Anyway, using the cosmic

HPB writes in vol.III (. called "Astral body") writes that astral
supports life & (sic!) linga-sharira couldn't exist in vacuum.
It may mean that it may be etheric. She also writes in the same
volume that L.Sh. can't travel very far and exteriorization of
L.Sh. may cause damage to health. She advices to sent mayavirupa
instead of L.Sh. L.Sh or astral can be damaged by blade, and a
blade itself and not it's astral damages. But mayavirupa can't
be damaged such a way (see . "subtle bodies"). Astral body is
molecular, unless whatever ETHERIC it could be. (. "astral &
ego). Also on a diagram Astral is situated between physical & kama.
(all qoutations in reverse translation). All this may mean that
HPB's L.Sh=astral is etheric, and kama-rupa is astral.
But in vol.I she writes "our globe is still in it's kama-rupa
state - astral desire body of Ahamkara.". So she's probaply
not constant in use of these terms through 3 volumes.


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