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Cayce & Psychism

Aug 28, 1996 11:04 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

In response to Martin's request for further details concerning
Cayce's approach to psychic powers etc.:  I sense a much more
positive attitude generally in A.R.E. circles towards
clairvoyance, telepathy, astrology, auras, kundalini, etc. than in
Theosophical circles.  There are frequent workshops and
conferences at the headquarters on such things-- an upcoming one on regression,
for example-- and the whole point of the study group program is
a practical, daily approach to the spiritual life.  Although
Cayce is just as insistent as HPB that the psychic cart not be
put before the spiritual/intellectual horse, he still sees
psychism as an integral and valued part of life rather than
simply a pitfall.

My sense of the cause for this difference involves the
Masters.  Theosophy preaches that they (They?) are far above us in
evolution, paragons of virtue and knowledge, and that only such
beings are qualified to explore the paranormal in practical
ways.  The rest of us should devote ourselves to study and
service, and some lifetime or other we might attract the
attention of a Master-- and that will signify that we are ready
to learn something practical.  The Cayce approach minimizes the
importance of Masters, emphasizes the Christ Consciousness as
an ever-present guide, and encourages people to balance
physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the path.  It regards
psychic faculties as ordinary and unremarkable, to be used with
caution but without exaggerated anxiety.

Hope this is responsive, Martin.


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