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Aug 28, 1996 10:02 AM
by wichm

Paul wrote:
"Thus ARE leadership
is not worried about losing face or credibility due to
criticism that might be published about Cayce.  They have a
confidence that their movement is growing in numbers and
influence, and that any attention paid to Cayce will ultimately
benefit them.  Theosophical leaders are aware that their
movement is shrinking in numbers and influence, and are
suspicious and defensive about any revisionist scholarship that
might further undermine their historical claims-- and
accelerate their decline."

Of course Edgar Cayce was in character far apart from the vagabond/
prophetess-like figure of HPB.
I wonder whether anyone would have heard of the Theosophical Society had she
not been one of the founders. Research into science, philosophy and religion
would have remained the passtime of a few. It is understandable that the TS
feels unconsciously that returning to its pre-HPB origins would mean a
further dwindling of  membership. Once the clamorous aspects of Masters,
secret doctrines and all that are removed, little is left for those who
hanker after a belief.
Yet, it had its useful purpose to bring home a grand vision on life to the
masses for whatever it is worth.

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