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Re: Eno Mag

Aug 24, 1996 12:47 PM
by Martin_Euser

Jerry> These are squares of 2, and are the binary numbers used
in coding computers.  My publisher swears that most of the avid Enochian
practitions are also computer nerds.  Something to think about.

	The number two is used in nature all over the place.
 From cell division to polarities in male/female; day-night;dark-light
in Sacred geometry it plays an important role too: two triangles
form a square. Four triangles form a tetrahedron. Eight form the interlaced
tetrahedon, etc. Symmetry, or rather complementarity is a key feature
in nature. The octave in music is another example of the use of the number
two (as a proportion) in nature.

>Do you describe different types of energies/states of consciousness
>(I gather you do - what are the correspondences with the theosophical
>principles-elements ?)
	The Enochian system, like other magical systems, are
described largely in terms of imagery rather than "principles."
The elements are used to transform each Square into a Truncated
Pyramid ala the Golden Dawn (Mathers was truly a genius).  But
even with this, the goal is largely one of imagery (if water, you would
expect to see a lake, etc).

	If I remember correctly, GD practices are intended to form
a kind of inner pentagram (symbolical for a renewed human constitution, I think)
I gather it is a kind of reversal of polarities of (use of) energies
or a shift from ego-consciousness to Ego-consciousness, also a shift in
This will sound familiar to you. What do you know/think about that?


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