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Re: Pilgrim/Pilgramage (Jerry S.)

Aug 22, 1996 03:11 AM
by Jim Meier

Hi, Jerry --

>	Richard,  I just scanned THE PILGRIM
>AND THE PILGRAMAGE by Emily B. Sellon (given to me
>free in the mail this morning).  She says a lot of what I
>have been saying.  In fact, I was hard pressed to find
>anything in her little book that I would disagree with.

I found something you disagree with -- the definition in the glossary of

As a follow-up to our short thread of a month or so ago, I've been having
some interesting private exchanges with some ULT students on the subject,
based upon the 1995 Farthing pamphlet, THE ETHERIC DOUBLE? THE FAR-REACING
EFFECTS OF A FALSE ASSUMPTION.  Maybe there'll be something worth
summarizing on theos-l after we're all done.


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