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Re: The Path & the Pilgrimage

Aug 22, 1996 06:24 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

>In the company of our conventional friends, family, co-workers etc. we may
>sometimes feel much more at ease and "normal":  with them we may often more
>easily relax into a comfortable day-to-day life.  Tell me honestly:  is there
>anyone on theos-l whom, if they lived in your neighborhood, you would be
>inclined to "hang-out" with?

Dr. Bain, Keith Price and Jerry Schueler, to name a few.  I already live in the
same general "neighborhood" as Dr. Psionic, having bumped into him several times
at Olcott.

I've never felt that comfortable with my blood relations.  I was in the Olcott
basement once, enjoying some after-event refreshments, when I told my husband
that I felt more comfortable with those theosophists than I did with regular
people.  I didn't feel strange with them because I knew they had probably had
experiences like I had had.

>  Personally, I don't gravitate socially toward
>~any~ fully out-of-the-closet magicians, shamans, yogis, theosophical
>scholars, astrologers, philosophers, etc.--even though I might be some of
>these things myself.

Been looking for them all my life - and found them!

- Ann E. Bermingham

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