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Cayce interview

Aug 22, 1996 04:05 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Still glowing with enthusiasm, I'm just back from a trip to
Virginia Beach to interview Edgar Cayce Foundation President,
Charles Thomas Cayce, for the first time.  Months ago some
Theosophists speculated that the A.R.E., Cayce Foundation etc.
would prove to be no more receptive to my kind of historical
investigations than the Theosophical organizations were.  So
I'm happy to report that for more than two hours, Dr. Cayce
consistently made it clear that: he thinks critical, objective
analysis of the readings and A.R.E. history is much needed
and in fact overdue; that present conditions are good for a real
flowering of scholarship related to Cayce; that he and the
Foundation are ready to assist any scholar or writer attempting
serious work on Cayce, regardless of his or her affiliation or
perceived level of skepticism; that the entire leadership of
the movement shares this openness to critical scholarship...

In short, I was made to feel fully, unambiguously welcome in a
way that makes up for some wounds of the past.  And left feeling
a great optimism about the future of Cayce scholarship and of
the movement itself.

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