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To: JRC, Re: nucleu of elitism

Aug 20, 1996 04:30 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear John,

I'm not sure I understand your point of view. If we are a nucleus what is
our purpose? If we are one of a series of nuclei, what do the other nuclei
represent? I think it boils down basically to that I'm really not quite
sure, now that you wrote, for what purpose we're forming a nucleus or a
network. I think if we clarify our purpose, we'll also clarify what term to
use for what we're forming.

Just as a side line, I've come to think that going after your own personal
growth is not necessarily a selfish act. If we are to be of service to the
human family, the more personal growth we can achieve, the better, the more
sophisticated, and honed to fit the occasion can be our service. Also
there's the 100th monkey phenomenon. For some reason, if someone learns
something, this makes it easier for someone else, not necessarily in the
same location, to be able to learn the same thing more easily. So one can be
useful to humanity just by learnnig something for oneself. I may have citied
Rupert Sheldrake before. He describes an experiment which points to this
direction. In Japan, a children's poet wrote a brand new nursery rhyme. This
was transliterated into Western letters, along with a very old nursery
rhyme. It was passed through a few hands, so that the recipients in England
wouldn't know which was which. They tried to learn both nursery rhymes by
heart. They found that the age old one was easier to learn than the brand
new one. So it seems we're really all connected.

Giggles are great,


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