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Re: Consciousness/Gurdjieff

Aug 20, 1996 04:26 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <960820111157_72724.413_FHP49-1@CompuServe.COM>, Sy Ginsburg
<> writes
>Alan B. writes, "when my attention is "captured"  - say by the movie in your
>example, I cannot avoid *knowing* that my attention is captured, though I
>recognize that this may not be the case for everyone."
>I agree with Alan in the sense that at some time, during the movie, in fact at
>many times, I discover that my attention has been captured.  In those moments of
>discovery, it is true that I come back to the awareness of myself witnessing
>myself observing the movie. In fact, I can extend those moments with intention.
>But inevitably I disappear again, being recaptured by the movie.  So, constant
>effort of intention is required to include myself in my ATTENTION.

My experience also - thought you'd like to know that!

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