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Unveiled Isis(Peter&Paul)

Aug 17, 1996 11:05 AM

Hi Jerry,

I wrote:
>BOOK III, chapter V (191,217) page 210 HPB states that Paul was
>the only apostle to receive gnosis from Jesus. But at chapter
>III (116,145) page 134 she says that Jesus taught magi to John,
>and at chapter IV (153,185) page 167 she says that Jesus teach
>his gnosis to SOME disciples (more than one disciple).
>So, what did HPB want to say? How many disciples receive Jesus
>gnosis from Jesus himself?

JHE reply:
>I have already mentioned several times that HPB speaks of three
>Jesus: an historical, a Biblical and a theological.  Unless those
>distinctions are made, HPB will appear to contradict herself in
>every chapter.  In chapter V, HPB is writing here of the
>historical Paul who received gnosis from the Christ through
>visions.  The other references you mention concern the Biblical
So HPB recognices that Jesus (biblical) teached his gnosis to <some
apostles>. At first sight, I thinked that HPB are saying that Jesus
teached his doctrines to none of his disciples, but only to Paul
(through visions). Did Peter receive this gnosis?

BOOK III,chapter IV (153,185) page 163 HPB writes that Peter, the apostle of circumcision,
preached the doctrines opposed to Paul, and describes 2Peter 2:18-31 as a example of
such discord. HPB describes that Peter did  not understand Jesus message. At the
same time HPB cites Theodoreth that writes "nazarens uses the gospel of Peter" and
concludes that Peter was a nazarene. Referring to Codex Nazarene "Jesus Mesio is
Nebu, the FALSE Messiah, destroyer the of ancient religion" (chapter
III - 116,145 -page 123). So she concludes that christianity is a "heresy within a heresy".

I think that HPB are opposing two heresies within the judaism: the old nazarenes
(Peter is included here) and the new heresy: the christianity (Jesus
is included here, HPB says that Jesus was a nazaren reformer).

BUT at page 139 HPB describes the gnostic system of Basilides,the follower of
doctrines of Matthew and Peter (???) (references to Clement of Alexandria, Stromata
VII,XVII) and refers to him as teaching the correct doctrine. So, now, Peter
(Basilides reflects his doctrines in accordance with Clement) and Jesus
(the false Messiah of Codex) has the same doctrine. We have a problem here do
you agree?

Solution: There is no contradiction between Jesus and Peter, and the negative
view given by HPB to Peter is wrong.


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