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Manual for Revolution by HPB?

Aug 17, 1996 11:32 AM
by Keith Price

It's summertime and the living ain't easy where I'm at, so I am dropping in and
out as usual.  I hope the discussion on theos-roots regarding the Voice of the
Silence won't die, it seems to be one of her works that is  often neglected
since it is more practical and even a little preachy as opposed to speculative
and historical in the large sense of the Secret Doctrine.

I taped a radio show by a group of fundamentalists regarding the New World Order
conspiracy which  was started (according to them) by HPB.  I replayed it
recently and they mention Blavatsky as having written something called "A MANUAL
FOR REVOLUTION" where she (again according to this writer on the occult roots of
the New Age) called for the assasination of world leaders.  Sirhan SIrhan
requested the Secret Doctrine after he was jailed and Hitler (again according to
them) kept the SD on his nightstand as a guide and a justification for the
Master Race ideal as spearhead of evolution etc.

Is anyone familiar with the work: MANUAL FOR REVOLUTION. I've never seen it our
lodge library. Is it a forgery or hoax.  KPaul, I bet you know something about

Summer Wishes Winter Dreams
Keith Price

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