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Aug 20, 1996 10:05 AM
by Uri Macnev


* Forwarded by Uri Macnev
* From : Kay Ziatz
For: "Ann E. Bermingham"
Subject: PCs


> A contrary, computer age began in 1980 or 1979. Since compu-
>ters are known long ago, only then they began play a big part. . .

AEB> In 1980 I switched from the graphic arts field  to  computers,
AEB> but I never thought I was part of a mass trend.

  I've forgot one important point - someome can say:
"Nothing misterious. Progress of technique allowed to create a first
PC in 1979." But in 70's there were so called PDP-11 computers in
the USA. These were "middle" & "mini" machines and never were PCs,
AFAIK. In beginning of 80's in USSR the PCs called DVK were developed
based on the PDP-11 architecture. (It's funny, but it was fully compa-
tible and i've run on my home PC the programms developed in 1977 by DEC
- i owned a DVK before buying this PC286). If we note that soviet elec-
tronic industry falled behind comparatively with american or japanese,
it proves that americans could develop a first PC in beginning of 70's
but didn't.

AEB> the interests of the yuppies and the Reagan administration:
AEB> the quick accumulation of wealth with no thought to tomorrow.
  Contrary, we here very respect president Reagan and most that he've
done. There were exhibition "Information technologies in US life" in
Moscow in 1987 which changed my attitude to computers. Mr. Reagan
helped to organize this exhibition and even wrote a "foreword", so
I'm grateful to him. People blame "Reaganomics", but it helped to
avoid crisis. Similiar situation is now in Russia: most people
condemn Gaidar who lead radical reforms in 1992-93 being a prime-
minister.  Now his party even couldn't get to parlament.

Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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