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Nature of Space etc...

Aug 16, 1996 07:44 PM
by Paul M.M. Kieniewicz

Richard Ihle writes, and others echo a similar view that,

>And again, that fundamental premise, it seems to me, is that Undifferentiated
>Consciousness comes FIRST.

Do we know what we mean by that statement? Yes - you read it in Theosophical
articles again and again. But what does it really mean? The idea that some
"conscousness" whatever that is, incarnates or controls a body?

How does it do this?

How does an incorporeal mind control a corporeal entity? Through
Psychokinesis? Does this happen on a microscopic level, like the mind
controling atoms, and if so - why is this process so difficult to duplicate
in the laboratory.  Has anyone thought much about this?

Paul K.

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