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beatles & rules

Aug 16, 1996 02:40 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Ann,

I don't think anyone has the right to tell another person what music they
should listen to, not unless they're conducting a music course on , say
baroque music.
I think it depends entirely on what turns you on, and I don't think anyone
else has a right to intrude on that. Now I, for one am mostly a classical
music enthusiast. But that includes some modern classicists, like Aron
Copland. I thought I really disliked rock 'n roll. It's too loud and the
beat is too pronounced & steady. But a few weeks ago I asked one of our
summer college kids to lend me some of her rock disks, to copy for
Konstantin, and the stuff she gave me was gentle & melodious, and I thought,
quite nice. Some of the sounds the instruments produced were far out, but
not jarring, so I thought they were innovative & interesting. On the other
had, last year my cusin invited me to her daughter's wedding. It was quite a
gala affair, & it cost me several $100 to get there, stay there & give a
wedding present. The dancing was done to very loud rock. I couldn't take it.
I walked out, & my cusin didn't forgive me until very recently. So That's
one person's musical odyssey. If anyone wants to tell me I'm wrong ....
how's that possible? they're not me!


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