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nature of space

Aug 16, 1996 02:40 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear Patrick,

Well, I took out Harry's book "Inner Peace through the Process of Knowing".
I don't see that it helps define dimensions any more understandanbly, at
least not to me, but here is some of what he says:

"We begin with the concept of consciousness as an infinite, conditionless,
universal field functioning in 3 cognitive and noumenal fields and in the
phenomenal universe as the electrosomatic and electro-psychic fields. Each
of these fields is considered  to be an aspect of a higher dimensional
field. Thus, the 3 dimensional electro-somatic field is an aspect of the
4-dimensional electro-psychic field; the electro-psychic is an aspect of the
5-dimensional cognitive field, and so on.

(from the page before)"The human being is a conscious entity functioning in
the different fields (subjective and objective) of nature, originating on
the Field of Consciousness. The third dimensional field is the densest, that
is, the electrical vibrations are relatively slower."

There is a chart

Field           Dimension               Function

subjective      7th, be-ness            Consciousness: the field of
all encompassing unity; indefinable.

subjective       6th, being              Synthesis (Nous) The Unity of Cognition
                                        and knowledge. Awareness of man
                                        and universe as unity.

subjective      5th, the purpose of     Cognition (Eidos) the field wherein
                life is Knowing, which  all archetypes and all potentials of
                comes only through      function exist.
                phenomenal experience

objective       4th communication cen-  Psyche: Development of personality
                ters to the subjective  field of the emotions and thought
                fields. Each emotion has  process; the electro-psychic field
a corresponding area in
                the body.

objective        3rd                     Physical Body: the elctro- somatic

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