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Martin's closing words

Aug 15, 1996 02:13 PM
by Martin_Euser

Micheal>Fine that we have come to know each other's point of view.
I'm sure we will not move an inch from our position.

	Hm. I would be careful about drawing such a conclusion.
You hardly know me. You can talk about your own position of course.
In fact, I've moved to some degree during the last couple of months, so,
your observation is inaccurate.

Micheal>Nineteenth century' Theosophy is to me a belief that did a lot of
good to jolt people  out of outworn concepts. I think that the grandour of
its vision could lead people to take greater responsibility for their lives
life in general. It could change the nihilistic outlook of the young generation.
Having said that I feel that, if we wish to move on, we have to discard
clinging to old Theosophic concepts

	Maybe you didn't notice, but a lot of people on this list are not
'plain old Theosophists'. Many have developed some ideas of their own,
in an eclectic manner I'd say. So have I. Having said that, I'm still
convinced that Theosophy contains many valuable teachings, whose import
has hardly been digested by Western civilization.

Michael> and open ourselves up to new perceptions
of reality and especially to a new approach to receiving Grace from within
in all humility.

	Why don't you give some examples of what you mean by that, Michael?
That would make your position somewhat clearer (to me, at least).

Micheal>Sometimes I detect a defeatist cry that Theosophy has not fulfilled
promises. Although that is true, on the other hand Theosophy became the
craddle of the New Age movement, practically all ideas being taken from her
without due reference. (Some would say that she was paid back in her own coin!)

	Yes, there's a strong impetus in the New Age movement.
I noticed that emphasis is often on practical applications of some basic
notions. Examples of these are the many groups that are involved in study
and exercises pertaining to the ~Celestine Prophecy~ (experiential guide)
and ~A course in miracles~, to name but two major influential books.
I think that TSs can (and should) learn something from this fact!


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