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Re: Authorial reluctance (to Paul)

Aug 15, 1996 12:35 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>Martin, in today's digest, mentions that published authors on
>the list have been reluctant to go into detail about their
>works in progress.  I only remember one question about mine,
>and thought my response sufficiently detailed.  If anyone cares
>to ask anything more about my approach to Cayce, feel free.  Perhaps
>this reference didn't include me, however.

	Maybe it was me?  I don't like to talk about it, mainly
because my new book (out yesterday) is more magic than
Theosophy.  In fact, it is a blend of Enochian Magic and Tantricism,
two no-no's in theosophical circles, so I naturally am "reluctant"
to talk about it.  I did, however, mention to Paul last year that the
publisher changed the title on me.  The title is "The Angel's Message
to Humanity" and has a nice angel on the cover (my publisher
says that angels are "big" nowdays and sell well).  Of course,
I was not aware, at the time, that another whole year would pass
before it was published.  Don't ask me what the angel's message
is, though.  It is probably different for each person.  Anyway, it
is my first book with Ph.D. on it, and it is, IMO, my most
scholarly book to date.  However, I agree with Ken Wilber that
it is impossible to answer all of the mail that comes in.  For
example, I have lots of folks write and ask me to explain Enochian
Magic to them.  Now, I have just published my 7th book on the
subject, and they want to explain it all in one personal letter.  Ah
well.  Paul, hope your book is going well.

	Jerry S.
	Member, TI

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