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Re: On the nature of space

Aug 15, 1996 11:43 AM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Thu, 15 Aug 1996, liesel f. deutsch wrote:

> Dear Patrick,
> You're the first one I've come across who mentions that creation is
> multidimensional. This is what my Teacher, Harry Van Gelder said. He talked
> about there being at least 6 dimensions, & he sounded to me as if he had
> some concrete knowledge of it. I never understood what he was talking about.
> I understand 3 dimensions, because that's what's tangible to me.

According to modern physics, space (3 dimensions) and time (1 dimension)
are inseparable, so they form a 4-dimensional continuum. This is
something that may be verified experimentally, although the
inseparability of space and time manifests itself only at very high
speeds (at least 10,000 times the speed limit on our highways), or in
very strong gravitational fields (unattainable in the ordinary

Everyone who talks about higher dimensions should define in a clear
manner what s/he is talking about. No further spatio-temporal dimensions
are known at this time. On the other hand, one may attach a dimension to
any quantifiable quality and so speak about other dimensions, e.g.
3-dimensional space of colors. Expressions such as 'dimensions of
thought' are, however, to be considered as being metaphorical as one
cannot indicate any quantitative parameter(s) involved therein.

> You say that life manifesting through matter produces consciousness. That's
> not quite the way I see it. I believe that consciousness manifests in
> matter, because it needs a form to manifest in or through.

I think there is no contradiction between these two views. According to
a certain theory, there are actually two manifestations involved
in human constitution and in some other things: First the spirit contacts
the matter, and in such a way consciousness is born aided by a
Manasaputra (this is what Patrick was talking about as Alice Bailey
often uses the term Life as synonymous with 'spirit'), and
then consciousness seeks the form expression, and generates a string of
personalities (like beads on the sutratma) to get material experience
(perhaps this is what Liesel referred to). This double relationship is
reflected in the triad, spirit-soul-personality.

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