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Re: On the Nature of Space (Theosophy & Science)

Aug 14, 1996 08:43 PM
by Maxim Osinovsky

On Wed, 14 Aug 1996, Patrick Alessandra Jr. wrote:

>      Modern astronomical researchers are delving more and more into the qualities and effects
> of cosmic processes. In truth space is n-dimensional and is an evolving entity about which we
> are beginning to learn the A-B-C's.
>      The current scientific determination that astronomical observations support the "big
> bang" theory of creation is most interesting and can tell us much about modern thought and
> where it is going. The observations which are being made are being interpreted in a three
> dimensional spatial context. But the energies which are being observed are actually part of
> etheric processes which reflect higher spatial dimensional relationships. In fact what is being
> observed is a three-dimensional reflection of four and five and higher dimensional spatial
> relationships. This reflection can make it appear that everything in the universe came from a
> central point just as our image in a mirror appears to be flat. But the conclusions which are
> being made from the observations of cosmic energies are the same as if we conclude from
> observing ourselves in a mirror that we are flat. Galaxies and groups of galaxies and whole
> fields of space are created by higher dimensional cosmic processes which at present cannot
> even be imagined by the best minds of humanity. The great sciences of cosmic beings are as
> far beyond us as nuclear physics is beyond an amoeba. Nevertheless by analogy and
> correspondence we can gain some sense of the next steps in our understanding of the origins
> of the universe.
>      Science as a process of learning, under the impression of the intuition, will through
> experimental understanding help liberate humanity from the materialistic identifications and
> provide a practical means for humanity to cooperate with spatial energies.


Your quotes from H.P.Blavatsky and A.A.Bailey are excellent, but what's
their relation to science? As far as I know, observations supporting the
hypothesis of higher spatial dimensions do not exist (yet). Yes, there
are some theories based on the idea of 5- or 6-dimensional continuum
(like Kaluza-Klein theories) or even 11 dimensions (string models), but
all that remains on the level of science fiction, so it's better not to
use that stuff to draw parallels between theosophy and science.


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