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Re: Blavatsky & Beatles

Aug 14, 1996 05:01 PM
by Drpsionic

I don't know what caused the change in music, but as my tastes run to
punk-industrial it was good riddance to bad rubbish as far as I'm concerned.
 The Beatles never failed to turn my stomach.
There is something about trying to mix the spiritual and music that, at least
in the West, died with Bach and Handel.   Everything tried in the sixties and
after came, and comes, off terribly phoney and sappy.  None of it is worth
listening to.
You were lucky you missed that idiot who performed at summer school.
Given that, it is no wonder that the public would quickly lose any taste for
the sort of hypocritical garbage the Beatles and their followers tried to
foist on them and listen to things that made them feel something human, joy,
anger, pain, pleasure in all its many forms.

Chuck the Heretic

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