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Theosophist, a fighting word

Aug 14, 1996 06:36 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Addendum to Bee's very clear & cogent statement, which says in part:

>We all live in our own 'private world' and somehow seem to expect others to
>live in a similar 'private world' but this is not so. With a little careful
>observation and attention to what others say and do, it becomes quite
>obvious that their 'world' operates in a different way to our own.

This is what Serge King discussed with us under the name of "Should Rule",
which I think is really an apt name for it. He said we continually think
that other people *should* act according to our rules, but they don't,
because as Bee says "their world operates in a different way to our own." I
have to continually remind myself of that, it's one of my greatest sins,
because people continually don't act the way I think they should. Then I get
mad. They go along their merry way, because, according to them they haven't
done anything to be ashanmed of, and I stay mad. So I'm not hurting anyone
but myself.

Yours for lesser & lesser should rules.


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