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Fightn words

Aug 14, 1996 06:48 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

Dear James

>What does anyone else have to say to Paul's suggestion "that questioning,
>explicitly or implicitly, whether or not someone is a "real Theosophist" be
>considered off limits in our discourse."  It's interesting how closely Paul
>redefines E.S. Rules #5 and #6:

1. I'm all in favor of Paul's suggestion. It goes along with mine to drop
the whole argument as being unproductive.

2. I'm not in favor of running theos-l by ES rules. The ES is a closed
organization with a hierarchy, and we're an open organization trying to
operate on democratic principles. ES members are welcome to participate, but
on an equal footing. If they want to operate their organizatiion on certain
principles, that's their business. I'm not for theos-l being an imitation of
the ES. I'd prefer it, if we made up our own rules.


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