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Aug 09, 1996 09:10 AM
by Macnev Uri


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz
For: Keith Price
Subject: Genetics


k> Life replicates itself by DNA and the gene is selfish in that it takes
  BTW, have you heard about the scandalous Lysenko theory?
He tried to refute genetics (better to say, orthodox genetics,
he called it Weissmanism-Mendelism). His theory is also known as
  The main point of his teaching was the idea that living beings
may change their genotype according to outer conditions.
Climat of Russia doesn't allow to grow a requiered amount of
high quality "hard wheat", because it's "summer grain" and we
buy it abroad. Lysenko (who was at first orthodox genetist) tryed
to create a new sort of winter crops which will be a "hard wheat".
He thought the following: I'll sow the hard grain in the autumn,
most will be frozen out, but due occasional mutation some may
survive and I'll get frost-proof winter sort of "hard wheat".
  He done it, next year some ears really survived, but the
grain quality was bad. They looked as well-known winter crops.
Via gene analysis he found that entire genotype and chromosome
quantity was the different, but matched "soft wheat". He repe-
ated this experiment many times to make sure that seeds of soft
wheat don't occasionally get to sow material.
  Then he decided, that genetics is refuted and one can change
biological types from one to another applying different outer in-
fluenses. Since his theory became official in USSR, many orthodox
genetists were put under repressions. But he couldn't apply his
theory for the profit of agriculture - i.e. create new sorts
which are better than the old ones. Then his theory was declared
non-scientific and his experiments - a humbug and orthodox
genetics returned to official favour.

My resume is the following:
  He dicovered the real thing, but he didn't understand what
he have discovered. Types can't be voluntary changed, but they
can migrate from one existing type to another. It proves the
theosophical idea about group spirits. The plant or animal can
live when it is directed by some group sprirt. If the circum-
stances are not suitable for this "style of life" it can die
or fall under direction of other group spirit of much closer
type. Man can't create a new group spirit, so because of that
he can't create new types - only slightly vary in one type.
Dogs, unlike other animals, are of rich variety, because they
are close to individualisation. Dog's living conditions are
very different, depending mostly on charachter of its master,
so group spirit weakens his control.
  There are other facts, which set an orthodox genetics under
question. Scientists say that mutations are accidental and fit-
test survive. But have anyone seen, how due accidental disc
error Windows 3.1 became Windows'95? (But my instance is wrong.
Quality of MS products makes me think that they are born THIS way ;)
In Chernobyl zone because of radiation the tomatoes reach very
big size. If mutation already went correct way, we only have to
collect the seeds, sow them in clear zone and enjoy giant tomatoes.
But it doesn't work. Tomatoes return to their original sizes.
In beginning of this century russian selectioner Michurin created
many new sorts of apples. But they were unstable and now are dege-
nerated. All these facts are to a benefit of a group sprirt theory.

W/best wishes, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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