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Aug 03, 1996 00:14 AM
by liesel f. deutsch

> One can look upon
>HPB as Boris de Z. did, "the greatest occultist in the history
>of Western civilization."  Or, one can look upon her as the
>greatest disseminator to a mass audience of things that were
>guarded by occultists prior to her coming.

My opinion falls somewhere inbetween the 2 poles Paul mentions. I agree that
the time has come to popularize more of the occult wisdom which has been
kept secret. But that knowledge is the same as knowing how to split atoms,
or breaking the genetic code, or any other laws of nature we've been able to
get the hang of. It can be used to help or to hinder. And because it can be
used to hinder, I think some of it ought to be disseminated with care, if
such a thing is possible.


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