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General response to Mr. Bain.

Aug 03, 1996 00:41 AM
by James S Yungkans

I have been working under the assumption that you fully rejected a position
of theosophical philosophy and fully embrased spiritualistic beliefs.  From
my readings of past posts perhaps I mistook your comments.  I had also
mistook your statments to imply certain Supra-Physical "beings" working with
you. If I was wrong, Sorry.  But I would like to know your position,
Kabalistically (if you care) to the discussions at hand (using your
terminology, of course). I know you stated:

>I guess you and those interested from the SD terminology point of view
>will have to follow this one without me - I wish you well! Just take my
>name out of the subject header <snip> having taken up
>the kabbalist path in preference some 40 years ago,<snip> it not
>the language or terminology I am familiar or happy with

With this in mind, I would present a means of communication for one who does
not speak "Adayrian Theosophese"  I would choose to position the bodies
under discussion (which you called theosophical) using the following:

Ist Logos                                       Ayn:        "NOT"
2nd Logos                                       Ayn-Sof:    "Limitless"
3rd Logos                                       Ayn-Sof-Aur:"Limitless light"

Monad                                           Keter-Chakhmah-Binah
                                                 = "Supernal Triangle"

Abyss of Jerry S.                               Daat

Atma-Buddhi-Manas       Causal body             Chesed-Gevurah-Tiferet
                                                 = "Intermediate Triangle"

Kama-Manas              Mental/Astral Unit      Hod-Netzach
Linga Sarina            Etheric Double          Yesod
Shula Sarina            Physical Body           Malkhut
                                                 = "Infernal Triange +
                                                   bride (=Malkhut)"

Quoting from the Bahir, "Why does the torah begin with a 'Beth'.  So that it
may begin with a blessing." Blessing is said, according to Rabbi Kaplan, to
represent Chakhmah (Wisdom), so the model begins with a blessing (a Monad),
bringing to mind the common language that a child is a blessing.  The Book
of Trees (a manuscript which preserved a great number of kabalistic systems
not as commonly used as those of the Gra and the Ari), in an older
kabalistic tree system shows Keter-Chokhmah-Binah as a single circle with
three dots in it (i.e. a single unit.)  This again would imply a monad, but
as a "Three in One" conceptually.  SD1, Page 200, would possibly represent
this as either "the divine and formless worlds of spirit (but I would rather
make these the logoic levels), as the line which divides the triange from
the four worlds (or on that line), or as center point of the triange (not
Shown) which would descend into the center of the circle (again not shown).
The last being deduced from ES Lesson #1 (albeit by interpretation.)

the grouping of Chesed-Gevural-Tiferet (Atma-Buddhi-Manas) would (again
referring to Page 200) be the world of Atzilut (the Archetypal World.)  This
would place the Monad (or possibly the Causal body) in a position to contain
all of the Archetypes that could be formed during an incarnation.

Contuniing the model would place Manas (both Buddhi and Kama) in Beriyah
(the creative world) and Kama (with Kama-Prana) in Yetzirah (the formative
world.)  Kama would therefore belong to both Beriyah and Yetzirah (as any
seperation from the ALL would be an illusion, per Buddhist doctorine)

To finish the model, Yesod & Malkhut would compose the 'Sarina'.  In the
model referred to from the book of Trees, Yesod and Malkhut are again
combined as a single circle with two dots.  This would simply show the close
embrace between the eteric double and the Physical body.

Using Bailey terminology, could the following be accurate:

- Plane -       Sefirah
Adi             = Keter (Crown)
Monadic         = Chakhmah (Wisdom)
Atmic           = Binah (understanding)

Buddhic         = Chesed-Gevurah-Tiferet (Love-Strength-Beauty)

Mental          = Hod (Splendor) [& Eloheim Tzevaot]
Astral          = Netzach        [& Adonay Tzevaot]

Physical        = Yesod-Malkhut  [& El Shaddai - Adonay]

The prior posts on reincarnation (or embodiment) would be good sources of
doctorine to discuss in conjunction with the above.  This should provide
enough material for you to work from "Should you choose to accept this
assignment ;)"  I hope that Fellows not fluent in Kabalese could bear with
this, as this should exercise our use of "Freedom of thought".  Besides,
this is an attempt to "Get Real", as Alan suggested.  Starting with no past
ideas about your viewpoints (so that you aren't "Bemused"), please show us
how a 40+ year veteran of kabalistic thought would explain the concepts.


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