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Re: Alan on reincarnation & karma

Aug 02, 1996 03:17 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Martin_Euser
<> writes
>M>  This is the most interesting part to me:
>>  - what reincarnates (manas?)
>Alan>In this terminology, I cannot say, except that certainly not manas!
>Buddhi? 50/50 on that.  A piece of atma perhaps :-)
>       Why cannot the (higher) manas within the auric egg (or field of
>consciousness-matter) send out a ray, form a vehicle, for a new

Why not indeed - perhaps it does!  In my own analagous (kabbalist) way
of looking at it I would suspect that higher manas would overlap with
lower buddhi (if that makes any kind of doctrinal sense) :-)
>M> And that these 'seeds' or tendencies remain
>>latent in the auric egg or Field of consciousness-life-matter?
>       Let me phrase this differently. Let us assume the standpoint
>of the human monad. It manifests as a personality, has its experiences,
>and withdraws its energy from the outer vehicle. It stores what it has
>learned (by means of its vehicle) on this earth in its database.
>The monad needs more experience in this life and manifests again,
>forming a new persona, based upon previous experiences, and, the new
>environment it is going to manifest in, etc.
>Does this picture appeal to you somehow or do you view this process
>in a different way?
If it happens, I imagine would happen pretty much like you have just

>M> I have read several accounts of spiritualists about Summerland,
>>astral spheres, mental spheres, spirit guides, etc. These accounts seem to
>>suggest that the astral body continues for a long time to live in several
>>spheres (and some spiritualists do teach reincarnation although it is not clear
>>to me what exactly reincarnates in their view: astral soul/body or what?)
>A>Not to put too fine a point on it, I think they are glamourising their
>findings.  One question here is what do you understand by "astral body?"
>       The kama-manas entity.

Oh dear! I am primarily a Kabbalist - what is a kama-manas entity?
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