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Re: Alan on reincarnation & karma

Aug 01, 1996 08:29 AM
by Martin_Euser

M>  This is the most interesting part to me:
>  - what reincarnates (manas?)

Alan>In this terminology, I cannot say, except that certainly not manas!
Buddhi? 50/50 on that.  A piece of atma perhaps :-)

	Why cannot the (higher) manas within the auric egg (or field of
consciousness-matter) send out a ray, form a vehicle, for a new

M> And that these 'seeds' or tendencies remain
>latent in the auric egg or Field of consciousness-life-matter?

	Let me phrase this differently. Let us assume the standpoint
of the human monad. It manifests as a personality, has its experiences,
and withdraws its energy from the outer vehicle. It stores what it has
learned (by means of its vehicle) on this earth in its database.
The monad needs more experience in this life and manifests again,
forming a new persona, based upon previous experiences, and, the new
environment it is going to manifest in, etc.
Does this picture appeal to you somehow or do you view this process
in a different way?

M> I have read several accounts of spiritualists about Summerland,
>astral spheres, mental spheres, spirit guides, etc. These accounts seem to
>suggest that the astral body continues for a long time to live in several
>spheres (and some spiritualists do teach reincarnation although it is not clear
>to me what exactly reincarnates in their view: astral soul/body or what?)

A>Not to put too fine a point on it, I think they are glamourising their
findings.  One question here is what do you understand by "astral body?"

	The kama-manas entity.


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