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Re: reincarnation

Aug 01, 1996 02:51 PM
by Bee Brown

Jerry Schueler wrote:
> > ... This dipping out and pouring back describes the
> >relation of a given animal to its group-field. A given animal cannot function
> >independently of its group-field.
> The idea of Pat the dog being equated to a cup of water is too
> close to the CWL/AB teaching (or mis-teaching) of group
> souls to suit me.  I prefer G de P and others who suggest that Pat
> the dog is as unique an individual as Jerry Schueler or Bee Brown.
> Pat won't come back, but then neither will Jerry or Bee.  But their
> spirit will return in a new form.  If animals can't funtion independently
> from their "group-field" then humans can't either.  The chief
> difference between an animal and a human is that the human
> is much more full of himself.
>         Jerry S.
>         Member, TII apologise for taking something out of context. It didn't give the correct
 His 'system of thought' about the Wisdom is different than what we are used
to and I find that a breath of new air might expand my vision of how it all
works. I see the Wisdom as a big 'pie' like they have in visual %
presentations of facts. It is cut into a number of pieces because in itself,
it is too huge and complicated to be fully understood at this time in our
evolution. Each slice is a way of trying to understand the whole and these
slices form the various methods humanity had developed to make sense of the
'whole'. Theosophy is one such slice and it all depends which slice one is
viewing the 'whole' from as to how one's ideas are formulated. If a person
prefers Theosophy and feels that slice has the most icing on it, then he/she
will tend to stay with that line of thought because it is not possible to
embrace the whole pie or even more than another slice or two. In this
lifetime there isn't time for me to really try to understand more than the
slice I have chosen and have a little dabble in one or two others to see if
they shed any more light on the slice I have settled on. I think we need to
understand that the slice we prefer is not the only one and that Theosophy is
saying that we should be able to discuss the 'whole' from the view of any of
the other slices without the tendency to denigrade the ones we do not prefer
or have knowledge of.
I will remind myself not to get out of context again as it is not a fair to
do that to others or the method of thinking involved.
I hope little Pat can swim :-)

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