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Re: Elitism or Esotericism

Aug 01, 1996 03:03 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

According to m.k. ramadoss:
> >
> I am not sure how anyone, can know if anyone else in "on the Path" even
> if one knows the person however intimately. Is it possible that even a
> person who is "on the Path" -- however it may be defined, not consciously
> know that he/she is on the Path. Also one could be deluded that one is on
> the Path.

I stand corrected.  You are quite right.
> I for myself do not know if I am on the Path or not. Personally, it does
> not matter to me as I did not join the TS looking for personal spiritual
> progress.

In some sense we all are; at least that's my assumption.  So
the question isn't "am I or am I not on the Path" but
rather "in what sense am I on the Path and in what sense am I
not?"-- not that the question had ever bothered me before, but
since you bring it up it makes a good koan.


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