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Myalba is Not Youralba - Hell is a Globe or State?

Jul 30, 1996 11:18 PM
by Keith Price

Blavatsky wrote:

. (35) Myalba is our
earth --pertinently called "hell", and the greatest of all hells,
by the esoteric school. The esoteric doctrine knows of no hell, or
place of punishment, other than a man-bearing planet or earth.
Avitchi is a state, and not a locality.


Nobody seems to want to touch this.  If earth is the lowest globe, the most
dense, the most material the place of the kali yuga where the Brothers of the
Shadow are at war with the Great White Lodge, then we are in a type of purgatory
if nothing else.   The suffering of being separated from the light and love or
being connected to it is such a disrupted state of 7 bodies with their own
desires - some to reach downward into matter and some seeking return to the
light suggest the descent of Jesus into hell to give an opportunity for
salvation one more time to those in Hell - Myalba - Earth.  The Buddha was also
a teacher of suffering all is suffering and vexation of the spiriir.  Others say
sin.  Others say vanity or that it is all full of sound and fury signifying

Is Nirvana the life wave going into pralaya (a rest between manvantaras?  Is the
Nirmankaya the one that renounces Heaven for Hell.  Is it better to rule  in
Hell or suffer and serve  in Myalba or jsut be  blown out in Nirvana?

Or are we already in all possible states as in the craked up 7up Uncola un
united Unity of the One/Unmanifest manifested?

Eldon are you thinking or is your silence telling me to go to Myabla! :)


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