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Re: Reincarnation

Jul 30, 1996 04:27 PM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> Surely there is some
>truth to the idea of reincarnation; equally surely, none of our
>explanations of what it is and how it works are quite right.
>That leaves of huge area of uncertainty-- but so does most
>everything else in life, so we just have to embrace the
>ambiguity and uncertainty rather than flee from them in search
>of simple answers.

Would life be really that interesting if we knew all the answers?  The
skepticism and questioning that is being expressed about reincarnation has made
me think and want to keep on open mind for any new ideas.  May once someone
writes something down like they were carving it in a stone tablet is the day it
really dies.  Maybe there's always some aspect of knowledge that should have be
open for expansion.  

- Ann E. Bermingham

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