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Re: TI members, an addition

Jul 30, 1996 04:07 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

go to i, John, best you can.


>On Sun, 28 Jul 1996, liesel f. deutsch wrote:
>> Dear Murray, and whoever else on TI wants in on this.           > 
>> At the moment, as I see it, we have 2 problems. 
>> 1.We're all sort of set on making Alan the loose coordinator, and Alan
>> simply doesn't want the job.
>> 2. Alan and John Crocker (JRC) are both planning a web site for TI.
>> So, before we go ahead with your super suggstions, Murray, I think we ought
>> to settle those 2 questions.
>At least to question 2 ... Alan and I are cooperating - `tis not two 
>different web sites - he arranged a site, I was starting to program a 
>real fancy page (-:) - but in the meantime Alan got the stuff that was on 
>Rudy's site (I think) and moved it - and stuff has sorta been added to 
>that ... but (damn! so little time! my knigdom for an extra hour every 
>day!) when I get time to do it I think the stuff I'm doing (with 
>everyone's approval) will join the stuff already at the site.
>						Regards ... -JRC

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