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Jul 29, 1996 09:54 AM
by Macnev Uri

Subject: Atlantida


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz

For: (Paul M.M. Kieniewicz)
Subj: Atlantida

p> Can anyone tell me where to look for Atlantis and Lemuria?
In late period of Atlantis, there were two main islands, each
one approx. like Spain in size.  The eastern was a south of
mountain Tenerife (it was a northern mountain of the island &
exceeded Monteblanc in height). The western one was somewhere
in Caribean region,  maybe in Saragassa see.  One was called
Daitia, the second - Rutha (I've forgot which of them).  But
it doesn't mean that you should look for remains there - those
regions were more destroyed than others.  It would be best to
look on perepherial areas.
   I cannot say smth. on Lemuria - it was so long ago... ;)
But HPB  is  _wrong_ when she writes that the giant statues on
the island of Rapa-nui are remains of Lemuria.  Reasearches by
Thor Heyerdahl showed that they are midaeval. He found others,
more ancient statues which were less and matched southamerican
ones.  When first  europeans visited this island,  the statues
stood, but later they were layd down by island inhabitants. It
looks very  suspicious  -  they  didn't fall millions of years
when entire continents were destroyed, but were layd down by a
wild polynesians. The stone roads, which lead to see shore had
no prolongation under the water, too.  To save a HPB's reputa-
tion,  i  should  note that she borrowed this information from
some european author (I forgot which from),  but not from  the
   For more information see "Aku-aku" by Thor Heyerdahl.

Here i quote some facts which prove information on Atlantis,
because someone here criticized it.

In Yakutia (USSR), on the bank of river Bereleh, there were fo-
und a lot of mammonth bones. Radiocarbone analysis showed that
they died 12000 years ago (it matches the theosophical date of
Atlantis catastrophe - 9564 B.C., june or july). They all died
simultaneously by unknown reason - rather by water. By remains
of  meal  on their stomachs it was defined that it happened in

Soviet scientists who explored a bottom of Karskoe see  (north
of Russia)  discovered that Gulfstream didn't reach Nordic Icy
ocean before.  But 10-12000 years ago it did. It was like some
barrier disappeared,  which  prevented  gulfstream of reaching
nordic seas.

American scientists reported that 12000 years ago volcanic ac-
tivity in  Atlantic ocean was extremely high.  They defined it
by layers of volcanic powder on the ocean bottom.

In 50s american archaeologists have found in mountains of Kur-
distan a big carst cavern. Layers on the floor (by carbon ana-
lysis) show that a layers for 12-29000 years ago  are  absent.
But older  & newer ones remain.  It may show that these layers
are washed off by water.  (Excavations lead by  prof.  Solecky
showed that  this  cave  called Shanidat was inhabited a whole
100000 years). Fragments of rock which falled in the 12000 la-
yer show that then were eartquackes.

 (This information is borroved from a book "All about Atlantis"
by V. Scherbakov, Moscow, 1990)

W/best regards, Konstantin Zaitzev  2:5020/360.4 Fidonet

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