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Jul 29, 1996 09:55 AM
by Macnev Uri

Subject: TS yoga


* Forwarded by Macnev Uri
* From : Kay Ziatz

For: Maxim Osinovsky <>
Subject: Re: TS yoga

M> Just sharing information...
 Some notes on this...

M> 1. Agni Yoga, given out by Master M., (14 vols. published by Roerichs) is
M> an INTENSELY PRACTICAL system. It may be called 'yoga of energy,' or more
 Some people don't believe that it's really practical.
For example,  i find it entertaining reading,  but some people
find there praxis.  It's because of different ray  types  (see
Bailey ;) of readers, IMHO.

M> discern in it some kind of yoga at all.
 Even reading of Agni-yoga is a practical yoga, imho.  The se-
quence of  paragraphs  has  its special repeating rhythm which
may affect chakras,  imho - "energy follows thought" as Bailey

M> 2. Alice Bailey books--I mean those channeled from Master D.K.--promise
 Most interesting books on theosophy i ever read. :)
Roerich followers  deny  Bailey & say that she was inspired by
Black lodge. It's because of E. Roerich letter when she writes
about "tibetian teacher" & book called "white magic". The let-
ter was written in 1934 or 37.  When "Treatise on white magic"
was  originally published?  If after 1937,  Baileys reputation
will be saved. A contrary, Bailey in "Treatise on white magic"
proves authority of Agni-Yoga.

M> Fortunately for those interested, Arcane School founded by AB offers a
M> complete correspondence course of studies and practice spanning over at
 Does Arcane School have WWW server? I'm interesting in Bailey
Books in files. I haven't read "TCF" (most other AAB books are
available in Russian).

M> 1. Sri Aurobindo's integral yoga. It is essentially identical with
M> theosophy.
 But Aurobindo regarded theosophy as false teaching.
Since his conceptions closely meet "CWL-style" theosophy, it
was probably simply plagiarism.
Almost similiar situation with Swami Vivekananda.
But russian theosophists printed him in their journal "Vestnik
Theosophii". It's called "to warm a serpent" :)


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