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Acitive doing

Jul 27, 1996 05:09 PM
by Alan

In message <960727034118_74024.3352_BHT109-1@CompuServe.COM>, Keith
Price <> writes
>I was amazingly productive.  I saw my machine like movements as a ritual to the
>envocation of the VOICE in every little action.  Every little action became a
>sacred hatha yoga.  
>I felt a new connection to those around me.  I felt linked to the study of the
>VOICE in a new way.  By the way, the mail-out was finished in record time and
>amazed everyone who from past experience expected it to last much longer

I have found this approach can have remarkable success.  It does not
seem to matter whether I link it to a specific idea (like VOS) or not.
It is the *practice* of performing everyday, repetitive tasks with a
*spiritual* intent that does the trick.  The common factor is the record
speed in which the menial task is completed - and usually very well!

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