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Acitive Listening for the VOICE

Jul 26, 1996 08:41 PM
by Keith Price

Today I was given a rather boring task of slapping on mailing labels and data
entry for the United Way.  Since this a public service type of organization, I
tried to manage that I was doing a type of karma yoga. My movements I choose to
see as a type of ritual. like the prostrations of  a monk, or the circular
movements around a temple or something.

I decided to try to focus on the few fragments I have read from VOS in section
1.  I decided to creat my own mantra which went something like:

I hear the Voice of the Silence, I am open to the passive infilling of wisdom,
love and will, I make my will one with the Voice of the Silence.  The Voice of
the Silence links me to the ONE.  I am not separate from the ONE.  I am the ONE
as is every other.  There is no other, but the ONE.  I am allowing the VOICE to
give me the will to love and show wisdom through action in a new way.  I am free
of my little voices.  I am free of the nagging negative voices that criticize
and separate me from the ONE and every other.  I hear the VOICE. I am the VOICE.
I do the will of the VOICE.  (kind of long for a mantra, though.  I changed it
a lot, with variations and repetitions on the theme of unity of will with the

I was amazingly productive.  I saw my machine like movements as a ritual to the
envocation of the VOICE in every little action.  Every little action became a
sacred hatha yoga.  
I felt a new connection to those around me.  I felt linked to the study of the
VOICE in a new way.  By the way, the mail-out was finished in record time and
amazed everyone who from past experience expected it to last much longer
(evidence of siddhi, oh garsh!, who knows?)

Keith Price

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