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Re: TI members, an addition

Jul 27, 1996 12:28 PM
by Bee Brown

JRC wrote:
> On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Bee Brown wrote:
> > I will volunteer to help out where I can too. I probably have a bit more time
> > than some so count me in.
> > Bee
> >
> Bee does this mean I can put your name & email address on the part of the
> Web site that contains those who will answer inquiries from Web site
> visitors? (So far Alan, Liesel, Murray, Martin and myself have
> volunteered). It may take no time, or it may (after the site gets going
> and is linked all over and registered with the big search engines) become
> quite busy. I'd personally like 8 or 10 names for the volunteer list - so
> that if someone is too busy at a particular time s/he could find another
> to forward the inquiry to ...
>                                                                 -JRC

Why not. I seem to spent hours in front of this screen so I just sleep a 
little less:-)

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