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Re: TI members, an addition

Jul 24, 1996 07:33 PM
by JRC

On Wed, 24 Jul 1996, Bee Brown wrote:
> I will volunteer to help out where I can too. I probably have a bit more time 
> than some so count me in.
> Bee
Bee does this mean I can put your name & email address on the part of the 
Web site that contains those who will answer inquiries from Web site 
visitors? (So far Alan, Liesel, Murray, Martin and myself have 
volunteered). It may take no time, or it may (after the site gets going 
and is linked all over and registered with the big search engines) become 
quite busy. I'd personally like 8 or 10 names for the volunteer list - so 
that if someone is too busy at a particular time s/he could find another 
to forward the inquiry to ...

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