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Re: web page

Jul 26, 1996 04:08 PM
by Martin_Euser

Bjorn>Good to see that Theosophy is growingon the web! How are the
theosophical online 
>books going to be linked in? (Like VOS for example, or Key to Theosophy)
Alan>This has yet to be worked out, though I just sent Martin Euser the parts
of "Ocean of Theosophy" that he was lacking.  He may be able to put it
onto his own Web site, which is already linked to the TI web page below.

        Bjorn, Alan: I've already uploaded the Ocean to the Spiritweb archive,
but I think that I will also make it available on my own homepage. 
It's just making a link to Theosophical books, let people pick one of the items
and download it (maybe in parts, but I think I will assemble the separate 
chapters into one file). IOW a simple HTML file with options is adequate.


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