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Ocean of theosophy in spiritweb archive - to Ozren

Jul 26, 1996 04:08 PM
by Martin_Euser

Ozren>By the way did I understood it right that there is some material (other
than VOS) on theos-roots or somewhere that can be obtained by e-mail. If
that is so could somebody tell me how can I do it.

Ozren: you can FTP to  (login as anonymous ; then enter your
E-mail address). You should be able to download the Ocean of Theosophy
by WQ Judge as I have uploaded it there just a couple of hours ago
(thanks Alan for scanning it and sending it to me).

If you don't know how to FTP then you can access the spiritweb archive
through the Web ( or
The only but is that Rene Mueller (owner of spiritweb) may have to do a little
work on the archive - I don't know. Try and see.


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