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TS Yoga

Jul 26, 1996 08:00 AM
by Frank J. Dyer

K. Paul Johnson wrote:

>This is a good statement of the sense of wonder one feels when
>first discovering and studying Theosophy.  Inspiration and
>consolation it provides in abundance.  But when it comes to the
>level of applying what we know, Theosophy speaks in
>generalities.  Sometimes specifics are necessary, and I hope
>that the societies and their publications come to recognize
>this rather than remain satisfied with lofty abstractions.

What kinds of specifics do you have in mind? I would say that many, if not most,
TS members have little difficulty in applying the teachings to practical
problems of self-development.  Applying them consistently is the hard part, of

You note that you found a good deal of practical guidance in the Cayce
materials. Cayce has always been something of an enigma to me.  His recorded
sessions contain much wisdom; however, he was should one put
it...lacking in sophistication?... in his conscious moments.  I would be very
interetsed in your take on Cayce's persona. Was he just goofing on everybody or
was he really a back country hog sticker who periodically "fell out" and
sleep-talked surprisingly spiritual things. And can you really cobble together a
yoga out of his sessions?



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